Drone Equipment

Our gear is top of the line. We can provide the tools you need for the shots you require. Call us, we’ll connect you with the right gear and the right crew for your shoot!

Our drones are great for remote locations, they’re extremely light and they perform some seriously tight proximity flying. With a top Speed of 40 mph and able to fly in up to 23 mph winds for around 20 plus minutes the DJI platforms are among the top tiers of our drone tools.

DJI Phantom
DJI Inspire with Cine 4K Camera
Mavic Air 2 Mavic Air 3 FPV Drones of many styles

Our smaller drones with high end optical cameras fill an important gap between large camera cranes and jibs and full-size helicopters.

A full-size helicopter can be expensive and problematic, but the drones can turn in a big beauty shot or a close-in chase shot – all in the same flight – and that saves a lot of time and money on the production.

Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer


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