St Louis Drone Video Production Crews

Your web page, enhanced with interactive aerial imagery, can be the defining moment for your prospective customer by providing pictures that make them feel like they are really there. Used on web pages and YouTube as part of marketing, advertising and promotion, aerial video and photography will enhance conversions and generate new business.

Safely shoot your corporate events with our experienced drone crews.

Aerial imagery in productions can be used wherever the all-round view from the air is required to show impressive views and informative overviews. They can illustrate prominent points-of-interest and far away views as well. A drone video or aerial photographs from our experienced staff with all the gear will help you reach your goals.

Rob Haller

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Aerial Drone Video Production

Simply put, we can fly just about anywhere.  And we can take off on five minutes notice if needed. Our specially designed drones can also fly through narrow areas such as city streets or natural obstructions at low or high altitudes. We can operate in places where a real helicopter cannot access safely.  Here are some clips from a television commercial we shot for AB-Inbev and Hardees.  We were fortunate to shoot for the client for the entire day and got some really wonderful footage.

Rob Haller

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Drone aerial with Arch | St Louis Documentary about Neighborhoods

Some recent footage we shot for an LA Producer doing a documentary about St. Louis.

Our state-of-the-art video drones can go where full sized helicopters and traditional aircraft cannot.  We can achieve those high impact moments for your product, service, or other important events.

Our team can will provide you with high resolution images and full motion, high definition video for use in all multimedia applications — printed collateral materials, trade show displays, newsletters and on the internet or social media. We also provide digital editing and can write, produce, and shoot any projects you may require for your next multimedia or marketing & promotions project.

Rob Haller

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Saint Louis Aerial and Ground Video Production

We know production. On the ground or in the air, we can tell your story and deliver your message the most effective way possible.  We provide full ground and aerial production crews.  We are experienced with drones, airplanes and helicopters to get you just the right images you need for your production.  We’ve been shooting since 1982 and we’ve shot for clients both large and small.

Our goal is to connect clients with their audiences by means of captivating visual storytelling. Whether it’s raising awareness for a cause, designing brands, or creating new advertising content, all of our productions are tailored to each individual client. St Louis Aerial Video has been a part of multiple campaigns, and we are proud when our productions play a role in your success.

Video crew at client location for diversity and inclusion training programs.

We create video content delivered across many digital platforms, such as, social media, television, and the web. Our group of talented producers and videographers use a hands-on, personal approach with our clients to find the stories their audiences want to hear.

All steps of production are necessary, from our very first meeting to the time we deliver your finished product. Our creative team will work with you every step of the way to create your message, produce an amazing video, and share your message with your viewers.

Rob Haller

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Drone Aerial Video Downtown St Louis

FAA licensed and insured professional low altitude aerial drone video services and full-service production work welcome to St Louis Aerial Video.

We have the creative, pilot and camera operator expertise to prevent all the headaches and avoid all the typical problems that come with aerial drone operations. Our expert team can handle it all for you. We are experienced, licensed, insured and talented. We are a full-service production company that produces cinematic professional quality videos for business commercials, commercial real estate, luxury homes and high rises, music videos, events and a wide range of other applications. We also provide unique web development including single address websites.

St Louis Aerial Video with the latest drone technology and multiple camera lenses.

We also work as a gun for hire for studios, production companies, and photographers, real estate marketing and corporate clients in need of high quality Aerial Drone Video capabilities / low altitude UAS video services for their productions, websites or publications.

Rob Haller

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St Louis Aerial Video


Tell your story with creative, engaging aerial shots. We are industry compliant for on- and offshore operations.

Directors are able to bring inspiring stories to life with close range aerial filming.

Impress your clients with breathtaking drone footage.

You’ve just found your FAA 107 & 333 exempt aerial drone crew! We can handle your aerial image capture needs from start to finish. No matter how tricky the shot, we can capture it safely and dynamically. We provide a new medium for capturing beautiful and breathtaking images. Our team is comprised of video and film professionals with many years of experience in the motion picture and broadcast video world.

St Louis Aerial Video production

Rob Haller


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St Louis Aerial Video – Stock Footage and Still Images

Our aerial video crews offer world class professional aerial videography and photography services that takes full advantage of the latest offerings in HD cameras (up to 4K resolution) and digital stabilization systems. Our drones, planes and helicopters filming service can meet your most demanding and creative needs. Contact us for your next production requiring aerial video footage and photography.

We have shot a number of stock images that we have in our vast library of stock footage of St Louis and the surrounding region.  Let us know what you are looking for, in some instances we may have the images you already require.  And if we don’t readily have the imagery, we can economically go get it for your specific creative task.

Tom McMahon and Rob Haller creating wonderful stock footage and stills of the St Louis region.

For excellent St. Louis Pictures and Images, call on us to deliver.

Rob Haller

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