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Aerial and ground crew video production for your explainer videos.

Your message and our vision are brought to life in our aerial drone and ground crew video productions. We provide aerial drone and production crew services to corporate clients who want to boost their marketing effectiveness. We also offer a full photo studio and shooting services across Missouri. We’ve been assisting business owners since 1982 to express their individuality and express themselves authentically and effectively.

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st louis videographer. st louis video. st louis video productions.
St Louis Video Production Crew shooting talent on our studio set

We function as your creative marketing department’s extension, helping you express yourself clearly and effectively. Because we operate across the US and the world, we guarantee that we will deliver your message. We help clients sell, educate, teach, encourage, learn, and inspire. This approach has been extremely successful. Our clients are involved in all phases of the video production process, from shooting to final production.

Event videotaping. Commercial Video. Videographer Services. Video Cameraman.

St Louis Videographer. We can do it all. Video director, sound man and video editor.

We create the moving images you need. We videotape in a studio and at remote locations. To finalize, the post-production team will edit your video according to your script and direction.

Interview and Testimonial Video Productions in Studio and Remote Locations

Aerial drone crew is ready for take-off at Nestles Purina
Aerial drone crew is ready for take-off at Nestles Purina

Have you ever struggled to capture professional and high quality interviews for your video production? Look no further, this article will show you the benefits of creating interview and testimonial videos in both studio and remote locations. You can learn tips, techniques and best practices from experienced professionals in the field.

Get ready to create stunning, memorable videos that will captivate any audience!


Video production of interviews and testimonials is an important way to communicate your message to existing and potential customers. Establishing a lasting, emotional connection with viewers can be achieved through engaging visuals, captivating stories and meaningful research. Whether you’re looking to capture footage in the studio or on location, our experienced crew and equipment provide you the quality content you need.

We specialize in filming a variety of interviews, documentaries, company profiles and testimonials for both promotional pieces as well as for internal purposes. With advanced lighting, audio recording systems and high-quality digital cameras, we’re able to ensure that every shot looks just like you intended it to. When necessary we are also able to travel with our crew swiftly to any remote location needed for filming whether it is a picturesque outdoor vista or even an inside corporate office space.

Our team of award-winning editors are available for post-production work to perfect any project; offering the best quality organic audio recording services along with color correction for those more subtle aesthetic hues which can make all the difference in cinematography. Our studio also offers green screen technology when needed so that desired backgrounds can be superimposed onto footage automatically bringing any video production into its desired setting while providing life like renderings.

Whatever your video needs may be; let us take them from start to finish relying on our years of experience in producing professional videos which meet customer expectations beyond satisfactory results no matter the size or scope of your project.

st louis video production at remote location with teleprompter - talent - and videographer.
St. Louis video production at remote location with teleprompter – talent – and videographer.

Benefits of Interview and Testimonial Video Productions

When used strategically, Interview and Testimonial Video Productions can be a powerful tool for connecting with your target audience. By showcasing real people in their own words and environments, you can craft a stronger, more authentic story that will boost viewer engagement and trust. People are always looking for a story they can relate to. Interviews and testimonials offer both a perspective on the topic at hand as well as a personal connection with the person being interviewed.

In addition to providing an element of intrigue and charm to any production, interviews are an excellent resource for obtaining detailed information from experts in specific industries or topics. By showcasing real people from various walks of life, you will gain valuable insights that can be used to inform future materials or strategies. They also provide an opportunity to gain valuable feedback from customers about their experience with your company or products/services –– allowing you to further refine these offerings for improved performance.

Whether conducted on location or in our high-tech studios using the latest audio -visual equipment, our teams have the tools and know-how to keep your production organized while delivering stunning results that exhibit professionalism and refinement. Leverage our mix of technical expertise along with creative approachability –– crafting content that captures both detail & emotion while giving viewers an inside look at what makes your company unique.

Full service St Louis video production studio

Studio Production Process

Studio production is a video technique designed to capture authentic stories and interviews with high-quality audio and visual elements that match the look and feel of the subscriber’s brand. Studio productions typically involve a stationary setup (in-studio or offsite) with expertly designed lighting, soundproofing, props, and backdrop.

This approach enables consistent production results every time, regardless of the interview environment. Video producers and directors are experienced in creating an atmosphere that makes guests feel comfortable while providing them with enough room for their story and brand to shine through.

The process will typically start with producers meeting the client to discuss their wants, needs, timeline, budget considerations and inventory of gear that can be used for filming onsite. Following those consultations, an on-location previsualization session is completed to determine the best solutions for capturing all footage within budget guidelines.

During this previsualization process, videographers will take into account any additional components necessary for rendering quality visuals such as art direction services for custom backgrounds or additional lighting requirements due to environmental conditions at the chosen location. Once all components are finalized, a crew will arrive at the designated location equipped with all gear necessary to produce award-winning videos that show people getting excited about products or services related to receiving quality content via video media outlets like YouTube or other social media platforms.

Remote Production Process

Remote Production is a streamlined process that allows video production professionals to shoot interviews and testimonials in remote locations where the talent does not need to come into the studio. This type of production involves setting up a remote studio in the desired location and then connecting it to our control room at the office via secure and high-speed internet connection. In this way, we can produce content from various locations quickly and efficiently.

The process of remote production can vary depending on the requirements, but it typically includes setting up cameras, lights, audio equipment, and video switcher at a remote location; ensuring stable internet connection and operating camera controls from our offices; streaming the video feed back to our office; managing graphics overlays or dynamic data integration when necessary; recording interviews locally on either professional SSDr drives or flash drives; post-production work such as color correction or graphics / titling work.

Whether we are conducting a simple interview set up with one camera in a hotel room or creating a multi-camera virtual press conference involving hundreds of participants located all over the world – we can assist you with developing an effective remote production strategy that fits your objectives. We understand that the efficiency of remote production depends on technology – Therefore, our team can provide you with comprehensive technical advice on how to quickly set up and operate all necessary equipment for successful productions.

Tips for Successful Interview and Testimonial Video Productions

When you’re about to embark on an interview or testimonial video production, it’s important to consider all the potential components that could go into making this a success. Whether you’re shooting in a studio setting or a remote location, there are several steps that should be taken to ensure an effective production.

Studio Set Up: If shooting in a studio, all technical elements need to be considered and set up before the interview starts. This includes camera placement and sound recording equipment, such as microphones and audio mixers. It may also involve backdrops, the appropriate lighting setup, and any other props necessary for obtaining the desired look of the video.

Remote Location Shoot: When shooting on location at an event or site outside of a controlled environment like a studio, care must be taken to ensure that lighting is sufficient enough for effective image capture and sound recording is possible without interference from environmental factors such as wind or plane noise. If possible, take some time prior to start time to scout out any potential distractions (such as construction sites in close proximity).

Interview Performances: As with any video production project, proper rehearsal time should be devoted for proper interview training and preparation with talent. Actors need to feel comfortable with their lines so they communicate more naturally on camera. If talent needs more confidence prior to filming day have them practice their roles again after an initial run-through but before filming happens.

Testimonials: For testimonials make sure your subject speaks very naturally in order for viewers to connect with what they’re saying—remember that authenticity is key when producing engaging content! Additionally, although scripted text can help create cohesion among different speakers it’s best if they craft their own words so their story feels much more organic than rehearsed testimonies given by actors or hosts during interviews segments of videos productions can provide viewers with meaningful insights into your product or service when done successfully!

Equipment and Technology for Interview and Testimonial Video Productions

For interview and testimonial video productions, high-quality production equipment and the latest in video technology are essential for creating a professional result. Studio or on-location setups require specialized equipment to capture striking visuals and sound—from production decks and professional broadcast cameras to multi-channel recorders and lens systems.

Studio interviews require lighting, soundproofing, backdrop, support equipment such as tripods, lighting stands, and other accessories to produce effective results. On location shoots often require additional items such as Steadicams for stabilized tracking shots or drones for aerial photography.

The latest advancements in digital recording technology like 4K UHD cameras with 12-bit log gamma recording capabilities make it easier than ever to create stunning visuals on a budget. Postproduction allows you extra creative control over colors, contrast levels and sharpness of all recorded material in addition to efficient editing workflow options using popular software editing suites like Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Advanced live streaming technologies like Teradek Livestreaming boxes allow broadcasters to stream their content over public networks while encoding live audio and video with an audio/video codec box over internet enabled devices like cellphones, tablets & laptops making online video production more accessible than ever before.

By understanding the right combination of equipment needed for your project you can get the best possible results at an affordable cost for current or future productions.

Cost Considerations

When it comes to budgeting for a video production, there are many cost considerations to bear in mind. Your video production costs will depend on a number of factors, including the location and time of day; equipment rentals; number of crew members; travel expenses; editing fees; graphics and animation fees; voice-over fees, music licensing fees and marketing costs.

Studio rental is another major expense to consider. In the case of remote location interviews, you’ll also need to factor in transportation costs for crew and equipment. Many companies offer package deals for both studio and remote services that include additional benefits such as preproduction interviews and additional cameras.

Professional editing can help enhance your original footage with effects like color correction and sound mixing to craft an effective end-product that flows well from scene-to-scene. Keep in mind that higher grade editing will require more time from skilled editors, which will influence your overall budget. You may also need graphics elements such as motion graphics or animation to introduce unseen elements or concepts creating a highly engaging story. Whether you’re working with an experienced storytelling professional or producing the video yourself, research all components of your budget before launching into production so you have clear expectations going into post-production workflows which enable frugal productivity while ensuring quality results are achieved.


No matter if you’re planning an interview, testimonial video production or any other form of video content, the process of shooting that material is ultimately the same. Achieving your desired results requires a lot of planning and preparation and can be made easier with tools that allow you to capture high-quality footage without having to send a crew into the field.

By taking advantage of a remote studio space or digital tools such as audio patching and even long distance cameras, you can deliver great content no matter where you are. Professional video production companies can guide you through everything from selecting the right equipment for your project to setting up its success with meaningful problem solving and post-production.

We hope this guide has given you an insight into what goes into making successful interview video productions—from studio space to remote locations—successful every time.

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