Indoor Drone Imagery

Flying a drone indoors in smaller spaces and rooms is trickier, especially when it comes to avoiding obstacles like beams, lights, people and chandeliers.  It takes good equipment and practice to be good with this technique.  We manage to maneuver the drone carefully through a series of obstacles through pre-production planning, just like any video we produce.

The remote helicopter is relatively small under ten pounds and three feet in diameter. The drone must always stay within line of sight of the pilot and stay clear of obstacles such as power lines, trees, buildings, radio or high frequency broadcast sites and any other hazards to flight. Typically shots are best accomplished with the pilot standing at a point behind the aircraft with the camera facing the same direction for normal orientation, although any orientation is possible.

The aircraft is battery operated and has a 5-10 minute flight time before landing is needed to change batteries and fly again as needed. A clear take off area is required for safety. Live video monitors provide live views for still photos or video while in flight. All media is recorded on board.

We don’t fly in bad weather conditions or winds stronger than ten miles per hour. We can operate day or night. We can creatively perform any aerial related task with proper mission planning.

Special thanks to our West Coast Producer Jessar Nygard

Rob Haller



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