Infrared Thermal Inspections by Drone

Thermal cameras have been used in various industries for some time now. Solar panel, livestock, wild game, roofing, agriculture, and search & rescue (SAR) are the areas we are helping customers apply this technology. Have an idea? Give us a call, we’re about collaborating to help make your ideas a reality!

Aerial thermal infrared inspection services and surveys are more requested for residential and commercial property than ever before.  Our drone crew utilizes the same technology found in military to identify potential threats. Our infrared thermal inspection services have helped interested real estate buyers across the St Louis region. We can assist any buyer by identifying potential costly repair issues before purchase.

Thermal drone photo of a commercial building in St Louis.

Our expertise is in aerial infrared imaging and commercial building thermal inspection services.  We can help identify hidden damage to your residential or commercial.

We can also help residence and commercial property owners with aerial energy assessments which will help reduce cost and verify what repairs are needed.

All objects emit electromagnetic radiation which is detected with a thermal imager. These imagers then can display the radiation as a temperature and patterns can be detected.

Thermal Inspection Services with imaging also know as infrared thermography services is a service we started offering at the request of our clients. We had several of our commercial clients asked us if we could help them assess damage after a sever storm in the area that damaged commercial and residential property.

You do not need to risk workers climbing on your roof and possibly falling. Our state of the art drones can inspect any building under 400′ tall.  In some areas we can fly higher with permission.

Rob Haller