FPV Drone video productions

FPV stands for First-Person View where the pilot sees what the drone sees. It is a special type of drone that provides a free-flowing, gliding viewing experience.  Our drone photographers are able to fly cinema-ready cameras with more precision and accuracy than ever before. It is entirely possible to do one-take or fewer-take cinematography.

FPV Indoor Drone Crew

FPV can capture building exteriors with energy and flair, they harness the most advantages indoors. Connecting rooms and spaces together visually aids in plant and office tours.

Using our custom built FPV drones, we are able to create incredibly smooth, long, beautiful shots – as well as quick and acrobatic camera moves.

Below is an FPV sample: The Magic House Children’s Village and Wonder Works shot by FPV Drone Armando Gallegos, pilot.

FPV Drone | Indoor Video

Rob Haller