Saint Louis Aerial and Ground Video Production

We know production. On the ground or in the air, we can tell your story and deliver your message the most effective way possible.  We provide full ground and aerial production crews.  We are experienced with drones, airplanes and helicopters to get you just the right images you need for your production.  We’ve been shooting since 1982 and we’ve shot for clients both large and small.

Our goal is to connect clients with their audiences by means of captivating visual storytelling. Whether it’s raising awareness for a cause, designing brands, or creating new advertising content, all of our productions are tailored to each individual client. St Louis Aerial Video has been a part of multiple campaigns, and we are proud when our productions play a role in your success.

Video crew at client location for diversity and inclusion training programs.

We create video content delivered across many digital platforms, such as, social media, television, and the web. Our group of talented producers and videographers use a hands-on, personal approach with our clients to find the stories their audiences want to hear.

All steps of production are necessary, from our very first meeting to the time we deliver your finished product. Our creative team will work with you every step of the way to create your message, produce an amazing video, and share your message with your viewers.

Rob Haller

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